101 make another good ad

I really like the ads 101 have been doing for French Connection. They remind me of the very original and distinctive visual style used by Adam Curtis in his documentaries. A friend of mine said he thought they were pretentious. Whether they are or not they make me want to go into French Connection and chekc out their clothes. Which FCUK never did.

Anyway. That was a while ago. Now this new ad for Avios. I think it’s great. I saw it on TV the other day. Brilliant, unusual idea. And music to match. Good to hear something that isn’t a dub step remix these days. I had no idea what Avios was. But I sort of felt like finding out after seeing the ad. I didn’t cos my mum told me they’re the new airmiles. But it doesn’t matter because the ad made me think and talk about a product/service which I previously had zero interest in.

The track is called ‘Underwaters’ by Leila Arab.


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