This is going to make evil people angry

Really clever and brave awareness campaign from Greenpeace. They’ve recreated the corporate look and tone of Shell Oil’s own website with Arctic Ready. The site ostensibly makes claims about the Arctic’s ‘readiness’ for exploitation of its natural resources. But if you read the detail, you’ll see the site is full of sly comments about Shell’s lack of environmental concern and its general unpreparedness to drill for oil in Arctic conditions:

“…we at Shell are committed to not only recognize the challenges that climate change brings, but to take advantage of its tremendous opportunities. And what’s the biggest opportunity we’ve got today? The melting Arctic.”

But the best feature has to be the opportunity to create your own ‘Shell’ postcard. Convincingly designed to look like actual Shell marketing material, the site allows you to put any message you like on them and spread them socially online, which many people are already doing.


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