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BBC – How Many/Big Really? (BERG)
I really liked how this website turns boring old data into something fun and interesting. It allows you to understand difficult to comprehend things in terms of your social network or where you live. A great example of how you tell stories in the digital world. This sort of thing, they tell us, is the future.

Honda – The Experiment (W+K London)
This felt like something new and fresh even by Honda and W+K’s standards. Often digital, non-traditional advertising work is criticised for being fun/pretty/interesting without doing anything for the brand. The Experiment brilliantly demonstrates what the Honda brand is about whilst being genuinely fun to spend time with.

Snickers – You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry (BBDO NY)

One of those ideas that smacks you accross the face with its simplicity and shows you without a doubt that there are still good old fashioned insights to be had in well worn areas like chocolate bars. When I saw this it made me very jealous, as all great ideas do.

Aldi – Tea (McCann Manchester)

It won’t win awards but this ad is this most unexpected and funny out of a good campaign. Gloriously un-PC. Could you imagine the other big supermarkets touching this sort of humour with a bargepole? And it’s nice to see notable work coming from somewhere other than London.

BBC – ‘What A Wonderful World with David Attenborough’ (RKCR/Y&R)

Sorry something else from the BBC but this really is good. Yes I’m a sucker for nature programmes but this is perfectly timed – riding the wave of national pride surrounding the recently retired Attenborough. Some people might say this was an easy brief – there’s nothing to sell, as such, you’re promoting something and someone already loved by many people. But this really is a great ad. Makes you love the BBC in the same way ‘Perfect Day’ did.

Walls – ‘Thank You’ (Saatchi & Saatchi London)

It’s mad in the way Tango and Pot Noodle were/are mad. I could call it something like surreal lad humour or jokes for blokes or something but it comes down to an idea that sticks in your head by virtue of its strangeness. Sticks out a mile in a sea of bland, sensible, sane advertising.

I haven’t included two bits of work I really liked this year – the Land Rover ‘You’ll Feel Safe Inside It’ and Avios ‘Anything Can Fly’ because I recently blogged about them here and here.)